The Scramble x Susumu Nagao Legends collection is a celebration of one of the greatest MMA photographers in the world.


Susumu Nagao has been present at some of the most iconic events in MMA history, from the formative proto-Pride events in Japan to the early UFCs, all the way up to Rizin and modern day MMA spectaculars. Over the years he has photographed legends that are household names in mixed martial arts and grappling.


This t-shirt celebrates Genki Sudo, a Japanese mixed martial artist who earned millions of fans worldwide not only for his fighting prowess but also his unique, iconic ring entrances and his flamboyant, original style. Many true original grappling fans remember the video of Genki crashing an early tournament in California and submitting all comers with his signature style. Since retiring from MMA, Sudo has in turn been a musician and professional dancer with his group World Order, a successful order, and now a politician. A true renaissance man and a genuine icon for creativity.